The Board of Directors of GN Store Nord A/S has adopted an Alertline system applicable for the GN Store Nord Group. The Alertline describes the processes for receiving, retaining and handling complaints concerning accounting or auditing matters as well as alleged irregularities of a general, operational, legal, ethical and/or financial nature in the GN Group companies.

The purpose of the Alertline is to ensure that:

  • every GN employee and external stakeholder have an opportunity to make his or her complaint to an external Reporting Officer, and
  • the responsible management is able to take appropriate and adequate action(s) in regards to alleged illegal activites and unethical behavior

If you believe a violation of a law or regulation has occurred in the GN Group, we encourage you to report your concern directly to someone in the GN Group, e.g. your usual contact person, the Group Legal department. If you feel that you cannot report directly, you can report using the Alertline, using one of the links found in the Online Report List or by telephone (toll-free), using the number for your country found in the Global Telephone List. You will be guided as you proceed. For legal reasons, you must use the link or telephone number for the country from which you are reporting.

Complaints are treated with confidentiality. GN will not discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass, or in any other way discriminate against an employee due to any lawful action(s) taken by the employee with respect to good faith reporting of complaints or participation in a related investigation.