ODM Program Manager,Hongkong

Hongkong - China
Published: April 19, 2017
Work to Be Performed:
• Be responsible for both implementing the project within the framework the Management and Project Team have set for schedule, quality, scope and cost, and making all relevant decisions within this framework.
• Be responsible for fulfilling the project’s goals, and for identifying any changes to these and communicating them to the stakeholders and getting the stakeholders’ acceptance.
• Be responsible for internal PR of project, communication to the project environment and the organization in general.
• Be furthermore responsible for leading and managing the project team, thereby ensuring that cross functional coordination and cooperation is developed and maintained.
• Be responsible for the Project Team Members’ understanding and accepting the project’s goals, and is simultaneously responsible for supporting that the individual team members have the proper framework and conditions for performing their work.

Criteria of Success:
• Be responsible for external ODM development programs reporting to Director ODM Program & Supplier Management.
• Lead and control process in different development stages of product development.
• Execute and deliver programs according to committed Time to Market, Cost and Quality.
• Ensure close cooperation with appointed suppliers on the specific projects
• Ensure team work and maintain good relationship among team members globally.
• Develop and maintain good relationship to new and existing suppliers and potential partners.

• Professional (incl. project experience): 5-10y
• International experience: 2-3y
• Cross functional or cross discipline experience: Required
• Managerial experience: Beneficial

Special Competencies:
• Language: English and Chinese.
• IT: Normal + MS Project, (SAP, Agile, Jama)
• Education: Msc or similar. PMP is a plus.
• Other:Technical and Commercial background.

Personal Competencies:
• Excellent project management skills.
• Have passion for projects.
• Have a strong leadership and commitment.
• Are self-motivated and self-driven.
• Are well structured.
• Good personal and interpersonal communication skills (can motive other.)
• Take ownership and continuously over perform.
• Working with planning as tool for risk mitigation.
• Pro-active planning and thinking (risk mitigation).
• Create and maintain team spirit.
• Good at delegation.
• Open minded.
• Extrovert.
• Ability to act as role model for his/her peers.